Coding for kids (draft)

This is a draft, open for comments. Got to add diagrams to this. You can send me feedback here if you have some.Ok kids, would you like to learn how to speak to a robot?Let's jump right in.The first thing you need to know is that robots »

Electricity for fun (draft)

I'm still working on this but also gathering feedback on it, so feel free to read as-is, but know that it's not done/totally fact-checked yet. I also have lots of diagrams I need to draw and add of course :D If you have feedback, ping me on Instagram.I'm »

A tiny story about chess

Once upon a time, there was a king. He was an important king. He couldn't give his heart to just anyone. Far away in another land lived a suitable queen. She knew the ways of church and home. The bishop The castle They helped set her sights far »

Thoughts on time

As a kid, it took me forever to get my head around reading analogue time. Everything else was metric, base 10, and then suddenly there was this system in segments of 12, 60, 30, 15, and 5. What was this, base 3? Why were there fives in it?The math »

Making sense of the OP-Z guide

Managed to get lucky and get my hands on Teenage Engineering's new sequencer/synth/all-in-one portable music studio thing. In order to work out the details of it I set about condensing the manual. Ended up with three pages of quick reference details that you can print, fold up and »

Talk: Coming up with new things

A talk I gave at Thingscon 2015 about how to come up with new hardware product ideas, and avoid bad ones. Also intro to KnowCards, a tool I made to make this easier.Talk on New Things at Thingscon 2015 Tina Aspiala - New Things from ThingsCon Ams Slides of »

Infographic snack: Shared awareness

Made this in my late twenties based on no hard statistics, just trends in my own family, as a rough way of exploring the best overlap of intergenerational conversation between equals. »